Fearfully + Wonderfully Made

Fearfully + Wonderfully Made

Psalm 139:14
“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”

Hey y’all. I’m so thankful that you’re here reading this right now. This week we are going to talk about Psalm 139:14.

To be honest, I could take this verse and talk about it for hours. There are SO many ways to interpret it, but I’m going to start with the most basic. Loving yourself.
Okay. I know loving yourself is so hard. Society is full of these “perfect” women with a size 0 waist, perfect skin, and flawless hair. But not everyone looks like that, in fact, the majority of women don’t. But that DOES NOT mean you aren’t beautiful. You are; you are God’s miraculous creation.
Like most people, I struggle with self deprecation. I pick out any little

“flaw” and bash myself over the tiny things. I’ll be vulnerable and list a few examples :))
•i bash myself over small pimples
•i hate my laugh
•i hate Hate HATE my teeth
•i hate being alone so the second i am, i jump to the stupid conclusion that i’m hated
•i hate my hair
•i’m too pale
•my nose is too big
•my voice sounds like a child
•i’m awful at math
•i feel like i always disappoint my parents
The list could go on and on. Truth be told, I hate myself. And I shouldn’t. Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. But I neglect to realize this. I think social media is one of the reasons why I hate myself so much. I get dressed up and feel so cute when I get together with my friends, but the second I receive the pictures we took, I begin to pick out every flaw. Then I beginning editing them. Now, photo-shop, or “editing” can be harmless at first. Brightening eyes, cropping photos, and applying a filter can be harmless. But my editing is not harmless.

Firstly, I put the image into an editing app where I ALWAYS smooth my face, even if there is not anything wrong. Then I brighten my eyes, whiten my teeth, and sometimes I make my nose smaller. Next, I put the image into ANOTHER app and repeat the process until I look as artificial as possible. It’s in those moments where I bash myself for editing the picture so excessively, and sometimes I start all over.
If you’re confused, i’ll just let you know that I am too. Why do i feel like i have to change myself so much? that’s a good question.
It all goes back to the fact that I don’t recognize that I’m fearfully and wonderfully made.
The truth is, so many girls these days feel the same way i do. I’m so blessed that it isn’t worse for me. And i feel like girls need a break. There are SO MANY confinements that girls feel like they have to fit into in order to be considered “beautiful.” Society wants plastic barbies.
But God didn’t create us to look like plastic. Plastic is man made, not fearfully and wonderfully made.
So my challenge for myself and for y’all this week is to recognize your beauty. Ignore society’s standards. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Make a list of the things you love about yourself. Here’s mine:
‌•my smile
‌•my eyes
‌•my faith
‌•my morals
‌•my standards
‌Though my list about what I love is a lot shorter than the things I hate, I’m happy with it, and I’m learning to love myself more and more every day!
God loves the messy, broken, and shameful list of what we hate. But He loves the strong, powerful, amazing list of what we love more.
You are beautiful. You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made. Remember it always!

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