a message on injustice

a message on injustice

i saw no better time than now to restart my blog and speak on a matter of great importance. i want to be mindful of my privilege and realize that my words should hold no weight over the words of POC’s, but i also want to spread my message and my faith on this matter.

for centuries, race and Christianity have been negatively intertwined. years ago, men and women of faith treated certain human lives like animals, solely because of skin color. so called “Christians” only viewed their white humanity as precious.

as our country has progressed, systematic oppression of colored people has lessened, but the racist foundations of America still prevail. injustice still thrives. for a Christian dominated country, why was segregation only ended a few decades ago? as Christians, we have to ask ourselves why this is acceptable.

many of my readers may recall the parable of the 99 lambs Jesus once told. he asked that if a shepherd had 100 lambs and 1 wandered off, would the shepherd not go after the 1? this parable is entirely applicable to the injustice facing our country today.

yes, all lives matter. all of the lambs matter. but in this exact moment in time, the one lamb needs saving. black voices need to be heard.

instead of choosing love & humanity, our country is choosing sides. people are picking political parties and politicians over respect and decency. we as christians MUST overcome this polarization and fight for human life.

we are all, regardless of skin color, crafted by the maker in his image. it’s about time we realize this and start respecting our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

multiple opportunities exist to help assist the cause and fight for justice. text FLOYD to 55156 to start.

please pray for our country in this time. i’m praying for every one of you. with prayers and love, katie.

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