seeking the truth

seeking the truth

lately i’ve been feeling pretty down on myself. i don’t know if my mindset has to do with my senior year: the realizations that i’m leaving my friends & family super soon, or if it’s simply just me being negative.

thoughts of not feeling valued, appreciated, or loved fill my head practically daily now. it sucks, and i’ve had trouble staying positive about anything.

after talking to a lot of my good friends, however, i’ve realized that i’m not alone at all. it seems like the whole world is in some sort of funk right now.

truthfully, even if you aren’t experiencing these feelings now, you will at some point in your future. everyone has those thoughts. the ones that tear you down and make you feel empty.

when those thoughts fill your mind, it’s really easy to blame God, whether it’s by questioning his process or sending up angry prayers. i’ll admit i do both pretty often.

but i recently had a reality check:

i can’t judge God & his love for me just because i’m unhappy.

if you feel like grace is distant, or that you’re far from salvation, realize that these thoughts have 0 impact on the truth.

the truth is that God loves you. this is constant, never changing, always present.

God is good all the time, so why do I struggle so much to see that?

I’m currently working on seeking the “good” in everything.

Instead of thinking badly about myself, I’ll focus on one thing I’m proud of. Instead of envying others for what they have, I’ll think of one thing I can do to be a better version of myself.

These acts are my stepping stones into seeing God’s goodness everywhere I look.

i’m not 100% confident in this journey, but it’s a start to where i need to be 🙂

it feels good to be back :))

reach out to me if you need someone to talk to. i’m praying for you!

current worship anthem:::

With You- Elevation Worship

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