signs from God

signs from God

have you ever asked for a sign from God, and you wouldn’t recognize His sign if it hit you in the face?

yah, me too. all the time.

if you relate to this, you have a pretty terrible habit that you need to break: picking and choosing signs that you ask for.

you’re definitely not alone in this.

i can’t tell you how many times i’ve sat down and prayed “Lord, give me a sign for ____.” Then, the second I get a sign I don’t like, I’ll forget about it and ask for another one.

when i was younger, i used to ask God a question while holding a magic 8 ball, shake it, and then assume that whatever answer i got was God’s message for me. this was a seemingly foolproof way to “hear” what God wants me to know.

i would also flip a coin when i wanted a simple yes or no answer. if i flipped it once and didn’t get an answer i liked, i would blame it on not calling the side out loud. maybe God didn’t hear me. i normally accepted the next answer.

but magic 8 balls are faulty and coin tosses are only right half of the time.

it’s easy to pretend like God wants exactly what you want. you can easily put blinders on and surround your life with “signs” that make your life easiest. the signs that require the least amount of effort. the least amount of struggle. the least amount of heartache.

the truth is, if you want a sign from God, you have to be willing to accept what you get.

he might be giving you a sign through people who you encounter during your day. maybe he’s speaking to you through that feeling of guilt and uneasiness in your stomach.

so this week, try to recognize the real signs you’re asking God for. accept them, learn from them, build your life around them, and move on.

thanks for reading!! happy finals week to all my BK friends, i’ll be praying for you :))

with prayers and love,


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