expecting the best

expecting the best

a slightly rough translation:

‘I tell you, do not be anxious about anything in your life… what is good about anxiety? can it add a single hour to our span of life?’

matthew 6:25 & 27

has anyone ever told you to prepare for something terrible when you’re experiencing something good? like, “prepare for this to all go away, something bad will come along!”

someone’s definitely told me that before. it’s the worst, right? it kind of destroys joy and replaces it with a sense of never being good enough.

but let’s be honest, this mindset is semi-true. there’s no life without a few bumps in the road. nobody’s life is perfect!

however, that’s no reason to live in fear of the worst.

constantly anticipating something bad is not trusting God who promises to fill our lives with grace & love.

stressing out over something that could never happen just worsens our spirituality, mentality, and attitude.

God uses everything that happens in our lives for good. sure, life is going well. in two days, everything might be de-railed. but God is using that to give you something better.

for God to do that, we have to be willing. that means embracing the good days and the bad ones.

this does not mean that we should live life waiting for something to screw it up!

living in fear and worry is sinful, not holy. it isn’t His plan.

don’t let anyone scare you into thinking that even if life is good, you should always be on guard for the worst. that degrades God’s gifts.

instead, learn to live with grace and be content. expect the best!

happy Sunday friends! i’m so happy that you’re here learning with me! make sure to check out the rest of this website and read a few more posts!

with prayers and love,


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