expectations vs. reality

expectations vs. reality

hey everyone! it’s been a while. i have to say, not blogging for 4 weeks has really put a dent in my prayer life! but i’m back now & ready to share God’s love and word. speaking of prayer, let’s talk about that today!

have you ever seen those expectations versus reality posts on instagram or youtube? they’re kinda funny right? they normally show someone posing “perfectly” in one picture, and then showing someone completely blow it in the next. they’re relatable & clever.

we all have expectations of how anything will go. the first day of school, a party, or something big like college visits or graduation.

but, little did you know, we have expectations of the smaller things in life as well. how our outfits will look and what our lunch will taste like.

we have expectations for prayer too.

if you’re like me, your expectations vs what actually happens in prayer can be pretty similar to those failure instagram posts.

you think that your prayer will be like this: reading the bible on a Saturday morning with a cup of warm coffee, purely enjoying God’s word.

but the reality is more like this: a stressful, quick, and concise prayer.

but friends, both prayers are perfect! it doesn’t matter how you pray as long as you do.

God doesn’t matter what your prayer looks like. He’s just happy that you’re spending time with Him.

all your prayers are meaningful. all your thoughts are meaningful. you’re loved, and important.

my challenge for this week: pray every day. this may not seem like much but it will slowly make your days 10x brighter. whether it’s short or long, take the time for it. i promise you won’t regret it 💕

I hope that you’re having an amazing week. as always, i’m praying for you!

with prayers and love,


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