take a breath and look forward

take a breath and look forward

welcome! i haven’t been on a consistent path with this blog lately, but i’m hoping to change that in these next few weeks 🙂 thanks for reading!

recently, i’ve been pretty stressed. the new school year has just begun, and i already feel swamped with homework, essays, & tests. on top of that, i’ve gone through plenty of drama with my family & friends. every day presents a new issue, and they eventually add up til i dont know how to deal with them.

each day is either super amazing, or super sad. there’s rarely an in between- a day where i’m at total peace. and that can suck!

unfortunately, in these past few weeks, i haven’t stopped to read the word or take a few minutes in my busy mornings to pray. my relationship with the Lord just seems so distant. i’m not blogging as often as i used to either. i just feel so empty.

the past few weeks have been go go go. i haven’t had time to stop and just breathe.

and that’s why i’m posting this blog.

this post is a reminder to me and to all of you that no matter what comes your way, the Lord will be there. He waits patiently on the sidelines for you to have your moment, and silently guides you back to where you need to go.

God will give you space when you feel like you need it, and will be right there to be a shoulder to cry on when you turn to Him again.

believe me, the Lord is letting you cry now so that you have so much to dance & laugh about later.

i’ve learned that God doesn’t put anything in your life that you’re not strong enough to face.

i mean c’mon, He created oceans and stars and the galaxy; i think the Lord knows what he’s doing when it comes to us.

He knows that you are stronger than the problem you’re facing.

so, my challenge for you this week is to face your problem(s) head on. don’t let it consume your thoughts. don’t let it grow bigger than your faith.

now, take a deep breath and look towards your future. with God, it’ll be 10x brighter.

i pray that whatever you’re facing becomes small in the presence of the Lord. stay strong, you’re not alone!

with prayers and love,


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