our need to serve

our need to serve



IMG_2B7FE54F778A-1 for even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve

mark 10:45




i’m lucky enough to go to a private catholic school, live in a gated neighborhood, drive a nice car, always have food on my plate, have a roof above my head, ect.

i’m lucky to have a lot of things. that list above can go on and on. having all of these things has shaped me into the person i am today.

unfortunately, not everyone has the same privilege i do. some people can’t go to school, live in any home, afford any car, have any food, ect.

that is why this week’s blog is about service.

sometimes going out and giving back can suck. sometimes you’ll be too tired, have too much to do, have other plans, or anything else. But service is SO important, so i’m going to give y’all some tips on how to get yourself to serve.


find a group or a friend

i’ve found a pretty amazing group of people in my life who enjoy serving with me. We meet once a month at my church after grabbing breakfast, and sign up for a program that will either send us out to do community work, or we stay at the church and help with whatever they need done. we have so much fun because though we are spending time with each other, we are also spending time with the Lord.

If you don’t serve right now, i suggest finding someone at your school or church that would be willing to go out and serve the Lord with you.

if you can’t find anyone, i suggest talking to a teacher or a church leader to see if there are any service opportunities in your community. from there you can meet others and form a group to go out and serve!


find a place

whether you’ve found a friend to serve with or not, it’s important to find a place to serve.

i’ve found that it’s good to have a constant venue for your service. Remaining constant at a place can not only allow you to meet others, but can also help you gain a sense of community.


find something you’re good at 

once you’ve served once or twice, it’s pretty easy to know whether or not something is your strong-suit. maybe you’re good with kids, maybe you’re good at painting walls. maybe you’re good at talking with older members of your community, or maybe you’re better at building a house. whatever it is, stick with it. knowing what you’re good at can help you in the future


know you’re purpose

my school requires 100 service hours at the end of our senior year.

When i first started serving, it was to earn those hours as easily and fast as possible. Now, after a year and a half of monthly  service, my mindset has changed.

i’ve found for me that service is a good outlet to wind down after a long week/ month. I get to spend time with good friends, drink some coffee, and give back.

i know some people don’t find any fun in service, but is that going to be you? you can decide whether or not you’ll enjoy it or not. find your purpose.


Mark 10:45 says that Jesus “did not come to be served, but to serve”

why should we expect anything different?

thanks for reading! i hope this helped any of y’all reading and inspired y’all to get up and give back. if you have any questions, feel free to email me at katiecrotwell@gmail.com , dm me on instagram, or leave a comment! I’d be happy to extend the conversation 🙂

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