looking on the brightside

looking on the brightside

Related imagehey friends πŸ™‚ welcome back to this week’s blog! sorry it’s a few days late, my weekend was CRAZY.

Over the weekend, i went on a ski trip to one of the prettiest places I’ve ever seen, deer valley.

I was super excited to ski… I’m not the best but i enjoy what i can do. But after a fun day of skiing, the trip went downhill.

I went back to our condo and got super sick, i threw up multiple times, couldn’t stand, and was so weak i couldn’t move my arms. I hoped it was something that i would get over overnight… unfortunately i was wrong. the next day i went to urgent care and i was taken to a trauma center to get an IV due to the fact that i was dehydrated- and had no nutrients in me. I was told i couldn’t have coffee for a week– meaning i would be incredibly tired. (that’s what probably tipped me over the edge haha)

my doctor had no clue what was wrong with me. He said i had altitude sickness but he claimed my symptoms were much more than that. He tested me for the flu (i tested negative) and then put me on tamiflu, which is AWFUL by the way. My family thought i got food poisoning, and so i was on anti-nausea medicine which made me feel like crap.

all and all, i had no clue what exactly was wrong with me.

Y’all, i’m human. And I’ll admit that the WHOLE time this was happening, all i could think about was “why me.” I sent so many prayers up to God begging him to help me, and nothing happened. I was furious. My family paid all this money for a super fun ski trip, and i wasted it by getting sick.

looking back, i learned that there are so many things to have been happy about & grateful for. So, i decided to share it them on here.

  1. i was in one of the prettiest places in the country. The air was clear and the water was fresh. i stayed in an amazing condo and got to spend time with my family.
  2. my sickness could’ve been worse. I could’ve gotten my whole family sick, i could’ve been hurt skiing on top of getting sick.
  3. my doctor & nurses were super kind. they actually cared about my dad and me, and took time to talk to us about things other than my condition.
  4. i wasn’t super sick when i flew home. I could’ve been throwing up the whole time, luckily i didn’t at all.
  5. i showered so many times that my skin & hair are thriving πŸ™‚
  6. i came back home to a warm & cozy house, a happy dog, and lots of hot chocolate in my pantry.

Honestly at the time, i couldn’t have thought twice about any of these things. i was furious that i was sick, and even more furious that i couldn’t ski.

Now, looking back, i know that there are so many things to thank God for– especially the coffee, i needed to ween myself off just a little bit!

Though i’d never wish my sickness upon myself or anyone else ever again, i’m happy that all i had was what i had πŸ™‚

thanks for reading y’all!Β  make sure that ya follow my Instagram that’s linked in the upper menu, and come back next week for another blog!!

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