wants vs. needs

wants vs. needs

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.
Matthew 21:22

Hey y’all! Welcome back! On a blog from a few weeks ago, i discussed the different types of answers to prayer. This week I’m going to discuss the two main topics of prayers.

Ok, I’m blessed. God has given my family and me an amazing life full of blessings like joy, laughter, and pure happiness.

Sometimes i take these luxuries for granted. I’ve never had to worry about whether or not I’ll have a roof over my head that night, or if i’ll have any food for dinner. I just expect it.

Unfortunately, this “expectation” can lead to a spiritually unhealthy attitude. When we over look our genuine “needs” that have always been met, our “needs” can morph into greed.


theres nothing wrong with sending a prayer up to God asking for some help over an argument. or for praying that your flight/drive is safe.

you see, these are necessities. safety and guidance are important when it comes to day to day life. I bet y’all don’t think twice when you pray for these, because there is nothing wrong with praying for them.

God wants y’all to pray for these needs!!


if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself praying for wants more than you will pray for needs. whether it’s a prayer that you’ll make an A+ on the big English test, or that your parents will give you some money to go shopping.

though there’s nothing directly sinful about praying for this, it’s still not healthy for your spirit.

when your life revolves around wants more than needs, you’ll find yourself always wanting more and more, instead of thanking God for what he’s already given you.

in addition, you’ll find yourself getting angrier at God when he doesn’t give you your every want whenever you want it.

don’t freak out if you’re like me and you pray for wants more than for needs. there’s nothing wrong with praying for wants, just don’t let those prayers outweigh what’s really important.

Christ offers new opportunities for salvation at every turn in your life! seek him always! xx

thanks for reading, come back next week for a new post! know i’m praying for you.

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