easter emotions

easter emotions

he is risen

matthew 28:6

hey friends!! happy easter! i have to admit, this is one of my favorite holidays. i just can’t help but feel joyful!!

as i was sitting in my living room watching my parents hunt for eggs, i was trying to thing of something to blog about other than the generic “easter is not about the candy” posts.

sure, those are good and all, but honestly there’s nothing bad about eating chocolate. :)) there’s nothing wrong with yummy easter brunches & sleeping in!! there’s nothing wrong with hunting for eggs: in fact, the tradition came about because eggs symbolize rebirth! so the custom is actually super cool.

now id like to get into what this blog is really about: putting myself into the shoes of the apostles

i can’t even imagine what it must’ve been like for the apostles when they saw christ reborn. there must’ve been so many mixed feelings; joy, anger, confusion, ect.

i’d like to say that id be 100% joyful, but that would be a lie. if i put myself in the apostles shoes, i would probably feel mostly confusion, then anger, then joy.

i’d obviously be happy that my king was alive, i mean, he’s my teacher! my leader!

but i’d also feel angry: what kind of a trick did he play? why would he allow us to mourn and cry if he was alive?

then i would feel confusion. if someone told me that Christ could be risen from the dead after the torture he went through, i would roll my eyes. so seeing christ in front of my eyes after watching him die on the cross would be mind blowing. matthew 28:17 said that though the disciples went where they were told to, some had doubts. well good, that makes me feel a lot better about my feelings!

it’s ok to doubt. it’s ok to feel confused. because even with their mixed emotions, the apostles STILL went out and “spread the good news everywhere” mark 16:20

you can do anything with christ in your heart.

i hope that all of y’all have had an amazing day full of happiness, and that it’s been full of chocolate too :)) just remember what the day is about: Christ!

he is risen.

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