the “good” in good friday

the “good” in good friday

“by his wounds we are healed.” Isiah 53:5

hey loves! welcome back to My Love For The Lord. in honor of Easter week, i’ve decided to post 2 blogs. one today, Good Friday, and one on Easter itself.

surely i’m not the only one who has trouble understanding why the day we recognize Christ’s death, is called “good.” i mean, christ died a terrible & brutal death on this day, i can’t imagine seeing this day as anything except sad!

this phrase of “good” used to seem ironic to me for the longest time until i read my weekly devotional. here’s what i’ve learned.


when Christ was upon the cross, He never once renounced God’s name, nor did He ever curse any of his betrayers, deniers, or torturers. instead, the Lord prayed for all of them, asking God to help them see the error of their ways.

calling this day “good” doesn’t mean that it’s a giddy, exciting celebration full of happiness & joy. today is good because of the sacrifice that forever changed the world. it’s called good because of the millions of people that He has saved. it’s called good to remind us that despite the pain and troubles we face right now, everything will be ok. it’s called good because of the love He has for us.

calling today good is a tribute to Christ’s abundant forgiveness. god is good. today is good.

my goal for y’all this easter weekend is to look to the King, breathing his last breath upon the cross, and realize that your sufferings and your pain WILL be healed. the Lord has great plans for each and every one of you, no matter what you are facing.

He forgives us for turning our backs from him, He forgives us for betraying him, and He forgives each of us for hurting him. Christ wasn’t just praying for those in front of him, he was praying for all his children in the hundreds of years to come. He prayed and is still praying for us to see our faults and fix them through him. He died for us so that we could know God, and know Him.

His sacrifice is Your salvation, and that finally sounds good to me.

have a blessed good friday!

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