believing you’re beloved

believing you’re beloved

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This week’s blog is about recognizing that you’re loved. It’s almost a continuation of a previous post, “fearfully & wonderfully made”

I feel like i see “the perfect person” everywhere i turn. Magazines, instagram, and Tv blast this “perfection” in my face 24/7. sometimes my heart plummets when i see this, knowing that ill never look like any of these people. but what i’ve realized recently is that it doesn’t matter.

i’m a daughter of the King. 

We are all created in His image & likeness! so why would we let other people dictate how we see ourselves? Why would we let the way our hair looks determine if we will have a good day or not? Why would we let numbers on a scale make us feel like we are worthless, unloved, or valueless?


It’s not easy to keep the idea that “you’re beloved” in mind. it’s hard to look in the mirror everyday and see something we love, something beautiful. It’s much easier to pick ourselves apart, bit by bit, finding any little thing that we dislike.

However, I’ve realized that once the stage of self appreciation & love is set in place, I’ve been happier, had more energy, made better grades, and most importantly, i have been a better disciple. I feel an urge to grow closer to Christ and learn more about the plan he has in store for me.

thats not to say i’m done growing. no way. i still have a looonggg way to go.


i  hope i’m able to see the day where women aren’t measured by the world’s standards and become the amazing people that He meant for us to be.

what if, next time, we ignore those magazines that show the “perfect” abs, tans, teeth, or hair?

what if we stopped waiting for permission to feel loved?

What if we started to realize that we don’t have to look like the people plastered on magazine covers?

I’m willing to bet that life would be so much better.

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