an everlasting god

an everlasting god

Hey guys! Welcome back 🙂 This week’s blog is about God’s presence everywhere.







I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes i forget that God is always with me. Whether it be when I’m struggling over a particular fight with my parents or a friends, or when i made a bad grade on a test, i always find myself shutting God out. I mean, if God couldn’t guide me in those situations when i needed him most, why should i even acknowledge his presence?
Now this mindset is pretty awful. It’s harmful for me to think, and it harms my relationship with the Lord.
One God and Father of all of us who is Above all and Through all and In all. Ephesians 4:6
I found this verse a few days ago when i was flipping through Ephesians after a fight with a loved one. It was an amazing reminder of God’s existence. Now I’m going to break it down and discuss each part.

One God and Father of all of us…
Okay, so we all know that God is our creator and our mentor, but he’s also an amazing father figure. God takes the role of a father in the sense that he always wants what’s best for us, and his love is everlasting and powerful. He’s never going to abandon us, and he breathes his love & life into us every day.
But he can also correct us. Fathers are enforcers, and in order for us to be successful and share eternal life with Him, we need to be corrected when we are wrong.
God’s correcting is loving; don’t forget that. Sometimes his corrections are ordinary and not noticeable. Some corrections are extraordinary and change our lives for the better. But sometimes he corrects us in ways that we think are terrible.

However, it’s important to realize that his one and only goal is to help us, not to push us away.
Who is Above all…
Ok, this one is pretty obvious.
God is supreme and omnipotent.
He rules over all things, yet he still loves us abundantly.
And through all…
The best example of God living through someone is Paul.
Before he was Paul, Saul caused hundreds of people to live lives full

of death and destruction. One day, Saul was struck down by a blinding light. God spoke to him, and eventually, Saul converted and God renamed him “Paul.”

Afterwards, Paul went across the land to preach God’s word. He later wrote some books of the Bible. He even wrote Ephesians, the book we are studying a verse from!
God lived through Paul to spread the word & the good news!
God has gifted each one of us with talents & abilities that we can us to praise him. Some people use these gifts wisely, and others don’t use them at all.
I’ve found that the best way to let God live through us, is to use our talents to praise His name. I urge y’all to do so!

And In all.
Almost everywhere we look, we can easily see God.
Nature, in children, in our friends, in church, ect.
Unfortunately, there are places where it’s harder to see God.
Many of us are quick to question God when things go wrong, but slow to give thanks to Him when things go well. When depression, death, destruction seem to be at every turn, finding God can be particularly difficult. That’s why it’s so important to choose trust and hope when you can’t see Him.
It’s also important to realize that God is closer and more at work than we realize. He is present come rain or shine. 

It’s hard, but God will be there with you every step of the way through your hard times (and through your good ones)!

Thanks for reading 🙂 I’m praying for y’all and make sure you come back and read next weeks post!!

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