renewed through christ

renewed through christ

hey y’all! welcome to my weekly spiritual blog! This week I’m going to discuss my 2018 goals!








I’ll start by saying that I’m notorious for not accomplishing my “new year resolutions.” They’ve always been relatively simple too! I just lack the motivation because the goals that i set are not something i can just do.
my goals are fairly basic. here are some examples:
  • make straight A’s
  • use calenders
  • stick to a weekend schedule
easy, right?
these goals are simple and realistic, yet i struggle BIG TIME just sticking to one.

I can’t get a ride to the store, i don’t know what’s on the test, i always have something to do.
excuses, excuses, excuses
there’s always going to be something in the way of what i need to do. life isn’t always easy, but if it was easy, we would never learn.
i’ve recently discovered that it’s OK to mess up on a new year resolution. its going to happen, i’m human! that’s just something that my perfectionist-self must recognize.
i’ve learned that breaking these goals isn’t going to ruin my future.

i’ve also learned that in order to recognize God’s amazing work in my life, i need to take a step back and let God do his thing.
Where God Guides, He Provides.
Isiah 58:11
God is going to provide me with what i need when i need it. but in the meantime, i need to set and achieve goals that will bring me closer to Him.
so, not only am i going to work towards the previous goals, but i now have a few more spiritual goals that i’m going to hold close to my heart:
  • give my testimony yearly (or more!)
  • serve monthly
  • blog weekly
  • pray daily
  • tell my family i love them every day
  • demonstrate kindness in all that i do
each of these are important to me for several reasons, but the simplest is that i want to grow closer to the Lord.
It isn’t going to be easy, (life never is 🙂 ) but i’m going to trust in Him.
I’m going to be renewed through Him.

I hope y’all are leaving 2017 with feelings of joy, gratitude & love. I also hope that y’all are looking toward 2018 with those feelings & more. I can’t wait to blog more this year and explore the many things that the Lord has to offer!!

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