how god answers

how god answers

hey loves! welcome back! if you’re new here, i’m so grateful that your taking time out of your day to read this, it means the world to me :))
This week’s blog is about the three ways God answers our prayers, and their outcomes. we also aren’t focusing on a verse, instead we are looking at questions & responses.

If you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of not praying for the right things. I constantly find myself praying for getting an A on a test, not getting called on for an answer i don’t know, not letting my computer die before my last class, or anything like that.
I’m blessed to have everything i need, so all i pray for are things that i want.
When i beg the Lord for something insignificant, i have found that he answers in three different ways.
1.  he says yes and gives me what i want (now)
2. he says no and give me something better (soon)
3. he says wait and gives me the best (later on)
Okay, let’s break each down.
yes, here and now
sometimes i send tiny prayers up to God to help me with something I’m struggling over (trivial things, of course).
in those times i say something like, “lord help me when i deal with ____”
I even created a small prayer that i say before every test i take :
“Lord, guide my hand as i write
and my mind as i think. Amen.”
Pretty simple, right?
Often times the Lord grants what i ask for. It’s almost like a wish that i asked a genie for. He gives me what i want, immediately. Then I’m done. 

Sometimes i give thanks, sometimes i don’t. Sometimes it’s such a normal thing in my life that i don’t even think anything about it.
Sure, this type of answer can be really great when it happens. But it isn’t permanent. the Lord won’t always answer this way.
no, but it will happen soon
I hate the word no. I hate saying it to someone, and i hate when someone says it to me. I’m quick to react (in a negative way) when I get the answer no.
So when God says no to one of my (meaningless prayers), i get angry. Especially when it comes to drama and/or fights with family & friends.

I often find myself asking why God would ever leave me on my own to deal with a problem, small or not.
The truth is, God has a plan. whether we choose to accept it or not, there is something bigger waiting to happen that will fill our lives with all the happiness, love, and light that we all need.
so though he has said “no” to our wants and desires, that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to guide us.
Don’t jump to anger when He says no. Sometimes no can be a good thing, especially when it comes to Christ.
wait, it will come later on
waiting sucks. In this society we want things now, now, now. we’ve lost our patience.

It drives me crazy when i have to wait in line, or even waiting for the wifi to load.
So waiting for God to answer a prayer? Ugh.
However, I’ve learned to take a beat in these times. someone told me once to pray, wait, and trust. Well, I’ve got the prayer part down. And I’ve already been told to wait. So what about trust?
Trust can be hard. It’s nearly impossible for someone who has been wronged to fully place their undying trust into the hands of another person. But God isn’t just “another person.” He’s a father, mentor, friend, guide, teacher, and his love for us is unwavering. So trusting him is one of the most important things you can do in your journey in the faith.
waiting can be really easy if we place our trust in Him.
the feelings of relief and calm will rush through your soul, leaving you filled with peace and trust.
that sounds pretty great to me!

Thanks so much for reading! Know that I’m praying for y’all, and make sure to come back next Sunday for a blog about wants vs needs!

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