dry seasons in faith

dry seasons in faith

do you ever feel like your faith is lacking? like you haven’t had a true conversation with God in a while? like no matter how much you go to church or pray, your faith never seems stronger?

i call these times, “dry seasons.”

they’re a lot more common in the Christian faith than you would think.

i’ve been going through a dry season recently. prayer after prayer, blog after blog, sermon after sermon, small group after small group: nothing changes. i don’t feel any more confident in my faith or in myself. and that sucks sometimes.

in these times, i see my desired life getting farther away from my reality. sometimes i wonder if my faith will ever be as strong as it once was.

obviously coming out of a dry season like this takes time, but i’ve figured out a few methods to make the time go by a little faster.

1. write down your thoughts.

sometimes it’s hard to pray out loud when you’re doubting or grieving, so writing your thoughts down is a pretty good alternative.

complaining about your day on paper and scribbling down these rants can free up your mind and help you learn how to pray again.

2. talk to someone about it.

if you’re like me, then you like to talk things out. i have trouble coming to conclusions or thinking through something by myself, so i often go to others to hear their opinion.

talking to someone you trust about your doubts or troubles can help a lot, especially if they’re struggling too.

who knows, maybe y’all will grow closer to the Lord together! how cool would that be?!

3. just read the bible.

this can actually help a ton. flipping to Psalms to read God’s word, the gospels to read Jesus’ story, or any of Paul’s letters can really restore your faith.

this doesn’t only apply to the Bible, though. find a really good devotional online or at the bookstore. reading God’s message through a different source can be really beneficial. different people interpret verses in different ways. what speaks to you in scripture could have a whole other meaning in a devotional, and seeing two interpretations can get your mind spinning.

the more you think about scripture, the closer you’ll get to a healthy faith!

my faith life is nowhere near perfect, and i’m okay with that.

the most faithful and perfect Christians might look amazing on the outside, but in reality, they’re just like you and me. everyone goes through dry seasons. they’re super common.

but the beauty of this is that God remains constant through your dry seasons. his love never falters, no matter how distant you feel.

if you’re having trouble getting your faith back on track, just remember you’re not alone.

happy holidays, everyone! i hope you’ve all had the best break & that the rest of this year is filled with love!

with prayers and love,


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