thirsty for the word

thirsty for the word

as a deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for you, God. psalm 42:1

hi lovely friend! i’d like to share a little story with you about something i experienced a few weekends ago.

i took a short trip to arkansas to visit my aunt and uncle. they recently purchased a cute little cabin on a river.

at first i was a little anxious. my uncle warned me that there were snakes and wasps EVERYWHERE. i could see spiders crawling up the stairs with me as i walked. needless to say i was a little apprehensive when i started to fall asleep, i didn’t want to wake up face to face with a bug!!

i woke up pretty early the next morning. my family was asleep, but i couldn’t go back asleep, so i decided to make some coffee and sit on the front porch while i waited for everyone to wake up.

so, bible in lap and coffee in hand, i started to read. i was reading proverbs (of course haha, i’m predictable), when i heard a twig snap. my head shot up, and i couldn’t believe what i saw.

it was a deer. and it was huge. like the biggest deer i’ve ever seen. it’s antlers stretched way above the tall grass and it was slowly walking towards the river. i was in awe.

luckily it never saw me, and i stayed super quiet. because of that i got to watch this deer for around 15 minutes as it took a sip of water from the river, and walked off to the neighbors land.

as i watched this beautiful creature prance through the grass and drink water from the river, i thought about one of my favorite verses, psalm 42:1.

the verse got me thinking: when was the last time i was thirsty for God’s word? and i mean really thirsty, like a nothing-is-making-my-life-better-than-the-word-of-god type thirst.

psalm 42:1 depicts the thirst of a deer, searching far and wide for a sip of water from a stream.

i think we all go through phases where we thirst like the deer in psalm 42 did. in those times, God seems distant- almost non-existent, and life is agonizing.

this verse consoles me though, because it helps me understand i’m not alone in these times.

when we thirst for God this much, it’s the living water of Christ that will bring us strength. his spirit will quench our thirst, and will bring us fortitude. and who doesn’t want that, right?

we are never left alone. if you’re searching for something to make your life brighter & better but nothing seems to fit: try Christ. reading the bible can make your day 10000x better! i guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

thanks for reading sweet friend! i hope you come back soon to read my next post. i also hope that your summer has been stress-free and joyful!

with prayers and love,


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